The Greatest English Language Teaching Mind in the World Today

In 2012. I noticed eight English teachers from my vast array of global connections who were head and shoulders ahead of the curve as far as teaching English was concerned. Rita Baker - UK, Peggy Tharpe - USA, Judit Angeli - Hungary, Teresa Almeida d'Eca - Portugal, Jennifer England - Spain, Jason West - UK, Andrew Weiler - Australia. Denise Eide - USA and me - Canada. All of us had experienced so much frustration and dismay with the lame way ESL, EFL, ELL... were being taught, we each had developed new and vastly superior programs.
Soon after I noticed these industry leaders I did the craziest thing I have ever done in my life. I emailed them (all total strangers) and told them it was my dream for us to meet. Rita Baker immediately offered to host, Peggy, Judit, Teresa, Jennifer and I bought tickets and flew to Lydbury English Centre and we formed the Radical Teachers when we met in the UK within 30 days of my bold email request.
Although three didn't come to the first meeting , they stayed in communication. We continue to respect Jason, Andrew and Denise for the industry pioneers that they are.
The six who did meet formally identify as a mastermind group and have continued to meet online every Sunday for the past six and a half years. We have traveled to each other's homes in pairs for promotions and ESL conferences etc. In 2014 we all got together in l'Albi Spain for another Summit where someone had the foresight to whip out their phone and video the Radical Teachers as they explained some of their theories and practices to the group. When you read the 'Backpacker's Guide to Teaching English Book #3 - You Don't Say' you'll recognize Rita Baker's brilliant philosophy on the simplicity of Phrasal Verbs. It's your luck I've included the home video of Rita Baker on Phrasal Verbs in this post.
Rita Baker is the greatest mind in the English teaching world today. Look forward to the release of her online course The Global Approach in 2019. She has also agreed to speak at a Disruptive Education Conference in Toronto in 2019. This year is looking great already!

Yours in ESL,