Time's Up on Education

New Zealand Stops Standardized Testing is one of the most exciting headlines I've read in a long time. That it's reflective of a global movement is even more exciting.
Annas Pilonia recently posted, "As parents, teachers and educational leaders, we need to unite as one group and start inspiring change through education." And he included a link to an article by Carl Gardiner who says, "Currently the system is based on deliverables that mean the teacher is almost shackled towards one way of teaching and we agree that this is not the best method."

Annas continues, "This is a very thought provoking article that mentions some flaws and solutions to the current educational system." https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6488657249383251968/

Personally I'm thrilled with the traction in #SaudiArabia, #SouthAfrica, #Canada and #NewZealand in the same tear down, #education conversation at the same time. It's a movement.

If you love change - and I do, this is a great time to be a teacher.

Yours in ESL,

Judy Thompson