'Sound it Out' is Bullying

Literacy is a field I'm very passionate about. Teaching children to read isn't divergent from teaching English learners to speak (as I do in the Backpacker's Guide series) they are two sides of the same alphabet-doesn't-make-sense coin. The breakdown for both is poorly trained teachers with no idea the damage they cause by mindlessly repeating old wives tales about English that have been around for a long time, but were never true. ESL and Literacy deliver garbage material and lay blame on the learner when success isn't realized. Shame on Education.

"Sound it out' is bullying because English doesn't sound out. It's a non-phonetic language. Every letter represents different sounds at different times with no logical rules. English doesn't 'sound out'. The task set for children by parents and teachers is impossible.

When I was young it was okay to smack your kids around because they were your kids, you loved them and you were just trying to do right by them. Hitting children is no longer tolerated in this culture. It's abuse. 'Sound it out' will soon be unacceptable too. By using your authority to insist a child do something that isn't possible then carving out a piece of their soul with punishments like shame, detention, humiliation, withholding love or approval when they don't do what can't be done, is abuse. There are great ways to teach reading. 'Sound it out' isn't one of them. There are great ways to teach ESL - grammar isn't one of them. It's time education stepped into the 21st century. Mindlessly repeating myths as truths and taking no responsibility for the outcome has been the breakdown in Education for centuries. It stops now.

"Education that persists in operating within this traditional mode, will essentially fade into antiquity and fail in their responsibility to educate children for relevance and contribution." Peter Kenny
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See you in future-land!

Judy Thompson

If you are stuck on how to teach reading effectively - this is mostly for parents - school has shown no interest in teaching responsibly, watch for my new website teachyourchildtoread.ca being built as we speak.