Time's Up on Education

New Zealand Stops Standardized Testing is one of the most exciting headlines I've read in a long time. That it's reflective of a global movement is even more exciting.
Annas Pilonia recently posted, "As parents, teachers and educational leaders, we need to unite as one group and start inspiring change through education." And he included a link to an article by Carl Gardiner who says, "Currently the system is based on deliverables that mean the teacher is almost shackled towards one way of teaching and we agree that this is not the best method."

The Greatest English Language Teaching Mind in the World Today

In 2012. I noticed eight English teachers from my vast array of global connections who were head and shoulders ahead of the curve as far as teaching English was concerned. Rita Baker - UK, Peggy Tharpe - USA, Judit Angeli - Hungary, Teresa Almeida d'Eca - Portugal, Jennifer England - Spain, Jason West - UK, Andrew Weiler - Australia. Denise Eide - USA and me - Canada. All of us had experienced so much frustration and dismay with the lame way ESL, EFL, ELL... were being taught, we each had developed new and vastly superior programs.

2018 in Review

As 2018 draws to a close it's a time for reflection and making plans for what is to come.
2018 was awesome. Late 2017 I had a stroke of genius to super-simplify the bare bones of spoken English and present those bones in a way that any one, even those with no formal training could effectively coach a learner's conversation improvement. Sounds, words, sentences, connected speech, expressions and non-verbal clues are all there really is to dialogue and those topics broke down nicely into three separate booklets - Pronunciation, Conversation and Fluency.